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PS W-2 W2f4CN - 1,000 ct. box

PS W-2 W2f4CN - 1,000 ct. box


The W2f4CN is a common 4-up, 4-corner W-2 form. If you require the face to be blank (you print the boxes/lines at the same time as you image) order W2f4CNb (Ends with '-b' for 'blank').  If you are imaging only and require the lines and boxes on your form before you image, order W2f4CNp (Ends with '-p' for 'printed'). Both versions have the instructions and sponsor offers preprinted, only the face/data area is blank on the blank version of this form.

  • Not all W-2 forms work with all W-2 imaging/printing software. Please verify this is the form you require before ordering
  • Forms may be ordered with the form fields preprinted (W2f4CNp) or blank (W2f4CNb). Please be sure that you are ordering the correct type for your software and imaging process.
  • 4-up, 4 corner, pressure seal form; two rows of two each, not a stack of 4 rows.
  • Requires use of a pressure seal unit to fold to final size and seal, not included 
  • FLAT Size: 8.5" x 14"
  • Format: 4-corner
  • Fold: EZ-fold (Eccentric Z-fold)
  • Qty: 1,000 per box.
  • Weight: 24lb per box. Boxes may not be split.
  • Questions? Need something custom?

    Feel free to call us at 614-471-2435 x 13 weekdays between 9a and 5p Eastern Time to ask us anything about our forms, sizes, delivery dates, or to place an order by phone rather than our website.

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