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L87 Laser Form - 500ct. Box

L87 Laser Form - 500ct. Box

SKU: L87

With compatible software, you can print all employee W-2 copies on one sheet rather than printing on multple sheets that must be separated and collated together in one envelope.


This 4up W2 form is perforated horizontally (v2A format), 4 in a stack from top to bottom rather than 4-corners. It is compatible with many tax and accounting software systems, and with the DW387 envelope.


Easily print employee W2 Copies B, C, 2, 2 (Federal, File, State, City), fold and mai

  • W-2 Wage and Tax Statement
  • 4 perforated forms in a stack
  • Includes employee instructions backer. 
  • 500 Laser cut sheets ber box.
  • Uses DW387 envelopes.
  • Yields 500 employee returns (parts B-C-2-2)
  • Used with

    Use L87 sheets with DW387 envelopes.

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