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LR4BL Blank Front 4-up 1099 Laser Form

LR4BL Blank Front 4-up 1099 Laser Form


With compatible software, you can print all 1099 copies on one sheet rather than printing on multple sheets that must be separated and collated together in one envelope to mail.


This BLANK 4up 1099 form is perforated in a 4-corner format. It is compatible with many tax and accounting software systems, and with the DW4S envelope. Instructions are preprinted on the back so that data and the form itself can be imaged in one pass through the printer.


  • 1099 statement
  • 4 perforated forms in 4-corner presentation
  • Includes employee instructions backer. 
  • 500 Laser cut sheets ber box.
  • Uses DW4S envelopes.
  • Used with

    Use LR4BL sheets with DW4S envelopes.

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